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Nerf Platoon

Nerf Platoon

    • Actual Size: 15ft long × 15ft tall x 10ft wide
    • Setup Area: 18ft long x 17ft tall × 12ft wide
    • Outlets: 1

    • $435.00
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Ladies and Gentlemen introducing everyone to our newest interactive"Nerf Platoon"!! The Nerf platoon will be a big hit at any event,function or big Back yard party  and will include a electronic score board that has wireless communication targets that change color from red to green and makes numerous different chimes and noises with different themed back ground music with many different options to play..The Nerf Platoon will include Nerf guns,Nerf footballs,dodgeballs and tennis balls..Let the Nerf Wars Begin...Also ask about our Special edition Nerf war package which consist of army bunkers,More nerf guns ,Vest and Head Gear.

                                                   Video here

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